Operation ‘Genocidal Edge’

Three days ago, Israel launched “Operation Protective Edge” against the people of Gaza. Targeting civilian homes, mosques and cars, eighty-seven people have been killed and 625 injured. Israeli air-strikes on Gaza have reached eight-hundred and twenty four. Three mosques and at least 128 homes have been destroyed.

Four weeks ago, three Jewish teenagers from illegal settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory were kidnapped and murdered. Without any evidence, Israel accused Hamas of this crime. In retaliation, Israeli forces raided more than a thousand homes, arrested more than 500 people and killed eleven Palestinians, including a child. Obviously for political purposes, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called the murders of the teenagers the work of “beasts” before launching this beastly attack upon my people.
Netanyahu had been looking for an excuse to prevent reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah, to once again paint my people as the obstacle to peace in the Middle East and to distract the world from Israel’s settlement building on stolen Palestinian land, which is the real obstacle to peace.

Jewish “security forces” can kidnap innocent civilians, imprison them for the crime of being Palestinian, maim and murder, torture and kill children, destroy our homes and deny us our human rights yet in their minds their actions are always defensive and blessed by God. In their minds they are victims of the fact that an indigenous people who have cultivated and lived and died on the land for millennia happen to exist.

Are Israeli F-16s and precision guided missiles necessary to stop the stone throwing of our children? Making peace and ending the occupation of our land will stop the stone throwing. My people have no air force, navy, heavy weapons, or artillery units. We have no army at all but Israel calls their attack a war. This is not war, it is murder. And their actions are neither defensive nor blessed by God. They are founded upon hatred. They hate us because we live on land they want for themselves. They refuse to share our land as equals because we are not Jewish and only Jews have rights to our land.

Yes, Hamas has launched highly imprecise bombs against Israeli cities but let us be clear: over the years Israel has launched many times more bombs against Gaza than Hamas has launched against Israel. In their report, “Summary of Rocket Fire and Mortar Shelling in 2008,” the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center (IICC), highlighted that during the nine years between 2000 and 2008 Palestinian groups fired a total of 8,088 mortar and rocket shells into Southern Israel. In only nine months, between the disengagement of Jewish settlers from Gaza in September 2005 and Gilad Shalit’s capture in June 2006, Israel fired 7,700 far more powerful shells into Gaza.

Furthermore, Israel has regularly broken truces with my people. On November 4, 2008, Israel unilaterally killed seven Palestinians, ending its truce with Hamas that began in June of 2008 and setting the stage for its genocidal invasion of my land, which it called Operation Cast Lead. A statistical analysis from Harvard, MIT and Tel Aviv University found that “79% of all conflict pauses were interrupted when Israel killed a Palestinian, while only 8% were interrupted by Palestinian attacks (the remaining 13% were interrupted by both sides on the same day)” and that “of the 25 periods of nonviolence lasting longer than a week, Israel unilaterally interrupted 24, and it unilaterally interrupted 100% of the 14 periods of nonviolence lasting longer than 9 days…. Thus, a systematic pattern does exist: it is overwhelmingly Israel, not Palestine that kills first following a lull. Indeed, it is virtually always Israel that kills first after a lull lasting more than a week.”

My heart is bleeding, my eyes dripping with tears. The United States must stop funding Israel, it must stop supporting its violations of our right to live in peace and it must stop providing Israel with the armaments to make our lives a daily living Hell.

“Operation Protective Edge”

“Israel uses sophisticated attack jets and naval vessels to bomb densely-crowded refugee camps, schools, apartment blocks, mosques and slums to attack a population that has no air force, air defense, navy, heavy weapons, no artillery units, mechanized armor, no command in control, no army at all and calls it a war. It is not war, it is murder.” I would like to start my article with this quotation for the remarkable man ” Noam chomsky”. I am sick of everything that happened to my people. I collapsed witnessing two wars, martyrs, injuries, blood everywhere and being besieged over seven years. Everyday, every minute and moment just predicting who is the next victim. Where is the humanity again? where is the world who’s supporting us? where is the voice of truth? I am mad, helpless, angry towards the Israeli crimes and the silent world.

Four weeks ago three illegal settlers were kidnapped in the west bank. Israel accused the Palestinian resistance of doing that, but till this moment the Palestinian resistance denied that. Unfortunately, Israel this time failed to give any proof or evidence which shows that Palestinian resistance did that. Since then Israeli forces started their dirty game raided many houses, arrested many men and children even shot them. Its not enough to attack the west bank no but started bombing my people in Gaza. as a kind of revenge the resistance launched rockets on the settlements. 15 days later the three settlers found dead near Hebron look how they expose their lies by themselves.

Here we suffer, and here we resist! After the day they found the bodies of the three settlers, they kidnapped, tortured and burned a 16 year-old boy Mohammed abu khudeir. They burnt him alive in cold blood. Is this normal in the eyes of the Israelis or is this some kind of revenge? what he was guilty of? to be tortured and killed in this way?! They caught him when he went to pray Al-fajr salah. Above everything and their cruel crime they did not submit his body to his family. They told his parent in order to deliver his body, they should assign that he was killed by an accident. What the hell are they talking about? are they aware of their corrupt words?

In the following day, a 15 year- old cousin of Mohammed‘s khudeir was the next victim. The damn Israeli forces beating him heavily in a savage way. They kicked him and punched him without mercy. He was under arrest without any charge. I don‘t know how shall I complete writing as I sit here with tears in my eyes. Our children killed easily without any guilt, our men arrested because they have the right to defend and revolt against the violations towards us.

In the last two days, Israel started their operation entitled” protective edge”. They targeted the civilians homes, empty lands, mosques and cars! Above all the media that told you Israel bombs the resistance groups in Gaza they only lied to you! They targeted children, men and women.

The total of the Israeli air-strikes on Gaza reaches 550 raids in two days. Death toll is up to 61 Palestinians including children and women, Injuries are up to 500 Palestinians. The Israeli occupation raided and destroyed 3 mosques and at least 65 homes most of them are civilian homes. Still the number of martyrs and injuries increased!

What about the families who lost their members? Till when we will loose souls? The international community still silent though its time to pressure Israel and stop these crimes.

Terrorism is all about imperialism, capitalism, communism, Zionism and the most important one is” Domination”. You are a part of our suffering, of what is really happening to us. where is the media to tell your story about Mohammed, and other victims? When the Israeli settlers disappeared, Israel activated the media and using it well to show the world the fake reality and claim they were kidnapped. what about our reality? Wake up wake up wake up! Where are you Obama to see what happened? Israel asked for peace what peace ? Don‘t dream even in peace as long as Israel still doing these massacres in my land.! No peace without taking our revenge and free all the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails. No peace without accepting our conditions. Justice should be done to the Palestinian people.

The third Intifada started because of the death of Mohammed abu khudeir and his incident a turning point in the history of Palestinians. Shame on Israel, Shame on the Arab regimes, Shame on everyone who is conspired against us and help Israel ! We resist in order to exist.

My country has faced hardships, conflicts, wars, and aggression! Expose the lies of Israel, do what you see is right. My heart is bleeding! My eyes dripping! I am a human, we are human, whether Arab or not black or white we all bleed the same blood! Stop funding Israel, stop supporting them! Israeli forces still arrest Palestinian children on a daily basis, and bomb Gaza on a daily basis too. Share my message and pray for us make demonstrations for us in your country. Make the world aware of what’s happening here. We deserve our rights of exposing the truth to the media at large.


by Rana Alshami
Israel has launched yet another campaign against the Palestinian people. This time their excuse is the kidnapping of three teenage “boys.” Israel is using this incident to once again collectively punish my people. According to international law, collective punishment is a crime.
Israel worries about these children of illegal colonizers who threw my people off of our land, but what about the thousands of Palestinians, including young children, who have been abducted by Israeli soldiers and thrown into Israeli jails without charge? What are our children guilty of to be imprisoned and trapped in cages? Did they fire rockets into Israel in reaction to the many times more rockets Israel fires at our homes and lands?
You must not forget these crimes, nor should you forget Israel’s bloody massacres of my people.
My people suffer behind walls and the rest of the world remains ignorant and silent. Thousands of Palestinian children have been tortured in Israeli jail cells. No one knows the pain we live with. What proof is there that we really kidnapped the “boys?” And if Palestinians did kidnap these Jewish boys, you must know they did so as a result of the atrocities they and their families have been subjected to their entire lives.
Beginning over forty-five years ago, Israel began building settlements in order to prove their claim to all of our land, which they stole by virtue of their greater strength and cunning. They build new settlements and continue expanding existing ones. Chedi Klibi, former Secretary-General of the Arab League, outlines three basic objectives of Israel’s expansionism:
1). The annexation of more Arab lands, including the displacement of the inhabitants which lead to demographic changes that increase the Jewish population; expropriation of Palestinian property and the necessary and continuous repression required to prevent us from keeping what is rightfully ours.
2). The preemption of any attempt by the Palestinian people to affirm our human rights, among which is the right of self-determination in our own land. Thus, the original and long term objective of proliferating and expanding settlements is to eliminate my people and our recognized national rights from the political map of the region.
3). To use the settlement issue to foil any political solution that doesn’t concede full Israeli sovereignty over occupied Palestinian territory. Israel is saying, in effect, that it will accept nothing less than surrender, even though it insists on calling this surrender “Peace.”
Dear reader, do you know what it means to be a Palestinian? It means you are not able to move here or there; you don’t have many of the basic requirements needed to live a decent life. We are even deprived of our sleep and the only thing the powers that oppress us expect us to do is to remain ignorant. As Palestinians, curses follow us everywhere we go. For example, last year I went to Cairo to be interviewed for my Visa. I did the interview very well but the officer smiled at me and said, “Rana, sorry, but we can‘t issue your visa to the US.” I asked, “Why?” His only answer was “because you are Palestinian.” My American friend spent $1,000 on the visa application, travel expenses to and from Cairo and three days of food and lodging for my mother and me. The U.S., which assists Israel in making life difficult for us, made us go through an expensive and time-consuming process that it knew all along would result in rejection.
How much longer will the world stay deaf? Is our blood free of charge? What crime have our children committed that they are forced to live in hell? We are human beings, not aliens. We are exactly like you. Regardless of color, sex, nationality, or religion we just want to live like you in peace and under good conditions.
Imagine sleeping when, suddenly, you are awakened in the middle of the night to the sounds of rockets and warplanes, and children screaming. Tell me, how are you going to deal with this situation? What would you tell your child if he came to you crying and shouting because of the bombing? Last night, unable to sleep, my fourteen year old brother said to me, “Rana, I put the bicycle on the door of the balcony because of the strong explosion I heard.” When he told me this, I felt helpless knowing I could not do anything to stop the bombing.
Israeli forces shoot gas bombs on my people. Israel practices repression as a major cornerstone of its policy in our occupied land.
Raise your voices and stand by the truth no matter how much it costs. Our children want the same freedom you have. They want their human rights. All the world should know what life is like here in Gaza. Only justice will heal the wounds of my people.

Israeli –Palestinian Conflict (Research Paper)

 Israeli –Palestinian Conflict


Rana Alshami

IUG , Winter , 2014

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

This research tries to answer three questions according to some points of views. Firstly, what is preventing a just solution for the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict ? Secondly, what does each side believe is the root of the conflict ? Finally, how will facing historical facts be important to solving this conflict ? After collecting data from an interview with the Palestinian and Jewish Politicians, results reveal that both sides have different views about the conflict and both agree on one point that we need a solution and peace which bring us all the rights .


In this research, the researcher will talk about the conflict between Palestinian people and Israelis. She will discuss the roots of the conflict. To begin with talking about the conflict. The researcher also attempt to analyze the roots and development of this crime in scientific manner.The Palestinians, who are the victims of this crime, have never stopped struggling to defend their homeland and protect their human rights. Both the British occupation Army, until their departure in 1948, and the Zionist terrorist organizations , such as the lrgun and stern gang, used force to drive out hundreds of thousands Palestinians.

The problem of the study
The concern of the research paper is to provide a background of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and eventually come up with sound solution/s to the said conflict. Specifically, this paper aims to answer some questions in order to give a better understanding about the Arab Israeli Conflict .

Objectives of the study
1. To present a background on the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict.
2. To present possible solutions to the conflict .
3. To explore the roots of the conflict and analyze it based on some concepts .

Questions of the study
This research is going to answer the following questions :
1. What is preventing a just solution for the Israeli –Palestinian conflict ?
2. What does each side believe is the root of the conflict ?
3. How will facing historical facts be important to solving this conflict ?

Definitions of terms
Zionism : its movement aimed at ‘ living in the land of the Jews and return to zion ‘ (www.mideastweb.org/breifhistory.htm). Also, it’s the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine ruled by the Jews.
Self-determination : the concept wherein people of the same culture contents move for their independence and for them to own territory who can enjoy civil and political rights without external control.
Power Urge : the need to stress the rights of the state to exist and the self assertion .
Nationalism : identity of the national state .

Limitation of the study
The study was conducted to look into the issues surrounding the Israel –Palestinian Conflict. The study will discuss the background of the conflict and will dwell on some of theories and concepts that can be applied in understanding the conflict and the concepts will serve as tools for understanding the conflict and the bases for possible solutions to the Israel Palestinian contention .
The aspects being looked into the research are internal and external causes of the state actors involved in the conflict , and the possible solutions for it. Further, the study will only cover the background of the conflict. starting from the situation of Palestine under ottoman rule till the current situation .

Literature Investigation
According to Darwaz, (1981) He said in this topic one of the most important factors that changing the map of Palestine was the creation of the Zionist organization to from to the basis for the future Zionist state. The huge number of the Zionist settlers were situated in a sensitive positions in the British administration of Palestine, while the same time Palestine were kept away of such positions. Also, the Jewish agency developed into, in the words of the various commissions of inquiry, a state within a state . Even Britain refused to discuss giving Palestine independent rule, a constitution, or a legislative council reflecting the numerical strength of the Arab and Jewish populations in the country and all of this because it contradicts the pledge given to the Jews to establish a Jewish national home in Palestine . So the Arabs fear that Palestine might become a Hebrew state and it will become as Israel trying to do that hardly. Darwas mentioned another factor which was preparing the Zionist economy in Palestine in such way as to install the economic foundations of the Israeli state. Thus the British Mandate put the main resources of the country under the control of Zionist companies. The writer talked about the concept of nationalism and self determination can be applied in understanding the growing conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians. The core of the Israel-Palestine contention is rooted on the nationalist movement of both people claiming the same land. Nationalism asserts the right of a nation of people to be served by a state that complements their interests. Nationalism played a major role in the events leading to the Israel – Palestine conflict since both parties ground on the dream of recovering their sacred home land. International Law recognizes the state‘s right to self –determination to ensure its survival. The principle of the right to self-determination can be applied in the continuing Israel-Palestine conflict since both parties claim the establish ment of sovereign stat i.e. Palestine state and a Jewish state on grounds of recovery of ancestral domain.
According to Forer(2010), he said and clarified that the Zionist claim that Arab countries broadcast radio message to encourage the exodus of Palestinians from villages in what is now Israel . Recited before the united nations , this claim was calculated to minimize the world‘s sympathy for the plight of the Palestinian people and to deny them the right to return to homes left behind in the new nation of Israel. Professor Walid Khalidi proved that the claim was a fabrication . His findings were independently corroborated two years later by Irish scholar and U.N. diplomat , Erskine Childers . By examining the archives of Arab governments and newspapers and the report of the CIA , as well as the BBC , which monitored every Arab radio broadcast in 1948 , both men demonstrated that no such encouragement had occurred. To the contrary , he mentioned the Arab broadcast appealed to people not to leave their homes . In addition , Israel has established a national directorate to deal with hasbara . Commonly used to refer to propaganda .
Pragati, (2013) states the history of this age old conflict and analyze the viability of internationally suggested solutions . Owing to their history, going back at least 5000 years in time . He tried to find the bones of contention between the two peoples, clearly laying out the issues and problems along with the need to resolve them .
According to Akram and Lynk, (2013) the writers talk about the factors that made the conflict between Palestinian and Israel . One of those factors, the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 captured the imagination of many western countries as appropriate restitution for the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust in Europe. In the same time , many in the third world saw the rise of the Zionism and the dispossession by they Palestinian as anachronistic example of settler colonialism , arriving on the historical stage just European Colonial empires were exiting . Moreover, the Arabs – Israeli conflict attract the attention of all people around the world .
Hurewits,(1956) said the Zionists claims to an historic title to Palestine was first advanced by the first Zionist organization to the peace conference in Paris in 1991 . The Zionist organization suggested the adoption of a resolution whereby the allied powers would recognize the historic title of the Jewish people to Palestine and the right of the Jews to reconstitute in Palestine their national home .
For Cattan ,(1973) mentioned that the Jewish people in Palestine have lived in the past in harmony with the Arab society . They never agitated for Zionism. The whole agitation has come from outside, from Jews on other parts of the world .He added , a very large number of the Jewish community in Palestine today look with considerable aversion not only upon the Zionist home but upon the Jews who are being introduced into the country from Eastern Europe.
According to Pragati ,(2013) attempted to trace the history of this age old conflict and analyse the viability of internationally suggested solutions. Owing to their history, going back at least 5000 years in time . He tried to find the bones of contention between the two peoples, clearly laying out the issues and problems along with the need to resolve them.


Sample and data collection
She obtained much efforts to search and investigate the roots of the conflict by making interview with one male instructor from our university ” IUG ” who studied it before ( see appendix ). The other is from Brazil. The first instructor is Dr.Hany who got his PHD in political science. The second is Sergio Storch who is Jewish man .

Procedures and analysis
The researcher tried to know the point of view from both sides . The interview contained three open questions discussing the core information she needed in her research. The researcher herself analyzed the answers of the interviewers . In order to make this interview, she saw many who specialized in this field . However, she faced a lot of problems : First, she make it at the end of the semester, So the teachers are usually busy in this time preparing for final exams. Second, most of them giving a general thing about the topic, not accurate . Finally, she found one of them who has some time for the researcher .


Results and Discussions

Regarding to the first question both have different views . Dr.Hany said its not easy to have one reason which Israeli side to make just solution . They have intention to build settlement in Palestine, Israeli position not to give up their intention . They neglecting any chance of peace . its unjust position of IC. Regarding to Sergio, Both people are fearful for not entrusting each other, for historical reasons…
Jews have a 2000-years traumatic history that hasn´t been overcome yet, and their leaders get many more votes in the elections if they resonate with that historical sentiment, so they exploit the fear.
Every time an Arab leader or a Moslem leader such as Iran´s Ahmadinejad or Hamas or Hizbollah says anything that these Jewish leaders can use, the pro-occupation leaders get stronger, and the against-occupation leaders get weaker. So, verbal threats, and any attack against Israelis go in disfavor of Palestinians, because Nettanyahu followers will use them.
Going to the second question , Dr. Hany said Occupation is the main cause of the conflict . They don’t consider the existence in Palestine . Moreover , Israelis believe of their rights in the Palestinian lands as their holy land since ancient times . Also , when they emigrated to Palestine they were violated by their leaders that they have the right in this land . Moving to the Jewish man he said there‘s not only one belief on our side . Zionism isn´t to be seen as the devil. There are so many different zionisms not only one . You Arabs see it as a stereotype, over simplistically. The dominant belief on our side about the root of the conflict is that Arabs showed repeatedly that they don´t accept Israel as a neighbor in the Middle East. when you say that, “it´s our land”, you confirm what the majority of us believe, that we Jews are unwanted in that place. And most of us Jews, if not 99,9%, consider that it´s our land too.
So if you consider it´s your land, and we consider it´s our land, there´s no solution other than one side expelling the other, or then.
Regarding the answers to the final question, Dr. Hani said its well known through the past history that Palestinians are the owners of this land that’s why we have historical facts relate to this issue . Especially if you look at the cities and villages you can find the Palestinian touch in such cities and places . The historical facts make it complicated . They still connected to Kingdom period . They believe this is their land and they have been away for 1000 hundred years. For Muslims its an Islamic land , Muslim state in Palestine , where the first people who lived there about 5 thousand year ago. This based on promise was given by Palestinian nation . For Sergio , he thinks it´ll be necessary to solving the conflict. However, we can start just talking, exactly as we are doing, so that people on both sides get used to listening. Imagine that you get 1 more person on your side to talk with 1 more person on ours.

Summary and suggestion
Israeli- Palestinian conflict was since ages not a new thing . The seeds of the conflict was when the Kingdom gave the land for Israelis and claim its their land. At this paper, the topic took much concentration on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. In this paper, she chose one Palestinian instructor and the other is Brazilian who both have a wide knowledge about the conflict . Regarding to their answers , everyone has some views and beliefs different from the other .
At the end of this paper, the researcher suggest that in order to understand any text or topic which is literary or politically, you should read it critically, and try to analyze it . Even though you read others point of view, you must have your own ideas and opinions. Finally, You must seek the reality and truth not just depending on others views.


Works Cited
Akram, S.M & Lynk, S.M.(2013). The Israeli –Palestinian Conflict and the International Law. BU School of Law. Retrieved from http://www.bu.edu/law/2013.
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Interview‘s questions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
1. What is preventing a just solution for the Israeli –Palestinian conflict ?
2. What does each side believe is the root of the conflict ?
3. How will facing historical facts be important to solving this conflict ?

 The Researcher :
Rana Alshami
Islamic University-Gaza












“We are all Palestinians.”

In Gaza, when it rains it pours. Pity you my homeland, Pity the pure land; Pity myself as one of the victims living in Gaza. You are bleeding and I am helpless. I can‘t do anything except defend you with my words, as writing is a kind of resistance. The current situation is worse than the 1948 Nakba (catastrophe). It is unbearable!

Due to the closure of the Rafah border and the siege that has been imposed on Gaza in the recent years, many people have been harmed. Ill people have died waiting to cross the border and many students have been unable to travel to their universities. And others have been unable to travel because they are Palestinian. What is our crime?! In Gaza, thousands of Palestinians, including hundred of patients who need advanced medical treatment not available in the Strip, and people who work in other countries, have not been allowed to travel abroad. We have asked the Egyptians to re-open the border because it provides the only opportunity for a decent life for Palestinians. So far they have ignored our request.

According to PCHR’s (Palestinian Center for Human Rights) observations, the Gaza Strip suffers shortages in most basic goods, fuel and some construction materials.  According to PCHR’s statistics show that goods allowed by Israel into the Gaza Strip do not meet the Gaza Strip’s minimum needs.  In June 2013, the Israeli authorities allowed 5,424 truckloads (181 truckloads daily) into the Gaza Strip, which constitutes only 31.7% of the 570 daily truckloads that had been allowed into the Gaza Strip before the closure was imposed. I witness and live this tragedy. I am about to get married. My fiance’ told me that construction materials are four-times their cost before the closure. How miserable our life has become.

Every time I hear a child has died or that someone has been imprisoned, I am reminded of Israeli aggression, its attacks on my people and its inhumane behavior. These things have become routine. They are cruel and illegal.

Where is the guilt of children who are still pure and know nothing about life? Why must they be deprived of the holy moments their childhood would normally give them? Killing our children and my people seems not enough for Israel. Moreover, Egypt closed the only path for Palestinians. 

 Wake up, wake up your conscience. Put yourselves in our shoes and see how you feel. Would you accept such a situation? I strongly believe you would not and that your reaction would be to start a revolution. 

We are not terrorists. Do you think we are? We try to defend our land and claim our rights! We have rights such as dignity and identity. I have a question to ask of those who watch us and do nothing: Are you happy seeing us living in a river of blood? What is the worth of human existence if you do nothing and remain like stone? Prove your humanity, act now! Raise your voice! Tell the truth and stop racism. Don‘t lose yourself for the sake of money and popularity and causing corruption. Be a human and stop funding and supporting Israeli racism, Fascism, Communism, suppression, and oppression. We are all human, sharing the same qualities. American, French, Italian, Muslim, Jews, or Christian, whatever you are or wherever you are from, be human. We have to unite and cooperate in order to end the horrific massacres. All we call for is justice. 


I am Rana, trying to survive and open my arms to the life through the hardships that I face.

Israel Opened the Gates to Two Dams. Now Gaza is Sinking

My name is Rana. I have lived in the city of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip all twenty-one years of my life. What is happening in Gaza is not fiction but a bitter reality, which we lack the means to defend ourselves against. In the last few days, an unusually powerful storm has flooded many areas, displacing hundreds of residents from their homes. Children are without shelter from the cold and rain. Entire neighborhoods are sinking.

My family and I spent four days in darkness in below freezing weather: no electricity, no water, and no heat. I was so cold, I couldn‘t leave my bed and the small comfort it and my blankets provided. The cold felt like it penetrated my bones. Yet, I am lucky. I witnessed many people as they became homeless, their children desperate for food and warmth.

Friends called to tell me about the flooding and freezing in their areas. I felt bad, unable to help.

Power lines are down and our streets are filled with raw sewage. Greenhouses have been destroyed, affecting farmers and reducing the already minimal food supply we Gazans are forced to survive on.

Making conditions worse, Israel opened two dams, releasing a torrent of water that inundated many homes. As their houses sank, some of my neighbors nearly drowned. Fortunately, rescue workers came to their aid.

All of this was not enough for Israel. Its soldiers have been shooting at civilians in the village of Khuza’a, to the east of my city. Unarmed residents, women and children, attempting to flee the flooded town, were driven back for fear of being shot.

Israel’s action, assisted by the world’s silence, increases our suffering. Where is the international law we hear so many people talk about but never implement? Where is the community that talks about justice and humanitarian support? If my people are prevented from obtaining the basic requirements of life at least we should speak up and raise our voices.

Another storm is expected to hit my vulnerable homeland next week, bringing with it more suffering and more homelessness. When will the world wake up and treat us like human beings? When the World will stand on our side ?

Rana Alshami, Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip



Klaket for Best Nation ..!

Youth is the hope of tomorrow because they will soon control business and establishments. In other words , they will be the heir of each nation that will soon take over . Today radio Klaket had witnessed a humble concert launching their Broadcasting sponsored by the culture and free thought . It was really incredible and amazing party started with a short film and ended with Klaket team song . The aim of this Radio is to improve the youth abilities in all areas of life . Many people and in special younger people who has the energy and inspiration want to prove their skills but there is a lack in opportunities here in Gaza from this point a group of Southern youth see its an important to do something and as a first step establishing the team of Radio Klaket . The team consists of nearly 26 members some of them are graduates and the other still studying in colleges . The team working together in one spirit , hand in hand and heart with heart in order to achieve their dreams. I have met some people of this team . Abdullah Al-sayed , 23 years old who is still studying Business administration in open al-quds university. He is ambitious Guy , having a lot of experiences in his youth life and he got an international license trainer in human development.

We are Youth able to change the world for a better future . we have all the responsibility and energy to be effective persons in our society and prove ourselves everywhere . Our Slogan is if you must dream of the world you want to live in , dream out loud . No success without work and no rain without little rainbow.
*Klaket team with Swiss delegation.

To sum up , Youth are the hope and the light of this world and I will end with something about me as am part of this team .My life has been full of challenges and obstacles. However, I realized that life is not about the smartest person or the strongest person, or even the richest person. Rather, life is about having the tenacity and the persistence to Never Give Up, even when you feel like giving up is the only option. I am here to tell you that you are too important to this world to not give up. The world is waiting on your gifts.
*while she is giving a certificate to the palestinian poet for her contribution in the success of the project.
* The audience is interacting with the activities that Team showed since the concert start . 
* The short film produced by Klaket Team .