Gaza sinking last night !


I wake up at the mid of night (it was 12:00 am ) . You can not imagine how it was hard and difficult to raise from your bed on the voice of Eplosions and Ambulances running . I told my dad that I want to go to hospital inorder to see what is happening alive and how the injuries are suffering and bleeding . He totally rejected the idea and Mom said you will not make any move even your room . I stayed at home but in anger mood because I always wanted to do something for those families who lose their children even if I don‘t have anything to help as am still student but I can show my support and my heart be with them .

It was long night full of death , blood and martyrs . I opened my window and raised my hand to heaven and said : O‘God please accept our prayers and protect my people , the Gaza land .
later on , I just receievd a bad news and told me about the children who killed in the east of my area ” Khuza‘a” khanyounis , south Gaza .

many confused questions came to my mind . just one thing what the children did to kill ? why Israel want to destroy everything even the stone and tree ? All of this because the resistence killed one of them ? what about us ? many killed of us and its our right to take the revenge from Damn Israel .
Israel stole our lives inorder to enjoy themselves in killing us . is that feeding their souls ?!
I will stay calling of Justice for palestine and fight the racism everywhere , any where .
Israel should punish and the punish must be big as a crime .



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