Aldalw Family‘s Massacre !

I can‘t Express my deep sadness , sorrows and no words to express my anger.
Today at 5:15pm, Israeli Occupation forces commit a terrible crime against Al-Dalow family. The whole family was killed with cold blood and no mercy. I am writing and my whole body trembling, my eyes dripping tears and my heart bleeding. Twelve people from the same family were brutally murdered including children, women, and elderly people. Shall I congratulate Israel for achieving its targets? Does Obama still think Israel has the right to self-defense?

As long as I am a Palestinian, will never give up, and the resistance will carry on firing the rockets to our Occupied territories. The world, unfortunately, has failed to stop Israel’s violations of human rights, breaking the siege of Gaza which has been imposed on Gaza for almost six years and still going on, and it is the time for the people of consciousness and grassroots organisations to take actions and embarrass their governments to hold Israel accountable for its war crimes and crimes against humanity. Our children have been experiencing hard circumstance and suffering to cope with life under fire. The huge number of bombings and shellings make the life unbearable. There is no safe place to take refuge from the Israeli missiles all over Gaza strip. Stop the massacre, stop the injustice, stop the war!

The time has come that the world take concrete actions to stop these gross atrocities against Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Human rights are violated 24/7. We witness global demonstrations across world’s cities from Washington, London, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Cairo…etc., calling for stopping the massacre and the war immediately. Most of the slogans raised were calling for increasing the boycott campaigns until Israel fully complies with the International law and respects the human rights principles. There is no wonder how fragile the Arab world is to show real support for the people of Gaza. The majority of the mainstream media in the west are biased and complicit with the Israeli Occupation. The children and women of Palestine are being killed with cold blood and the whole world is busy preparing to celebrate the Christmas.

According to medical sources, over 70 people were killed among whom 20 children, 8 women, 9 elderly people, and over 660 injuries, among whom 224 children, 113 women and 50 elderly people. 
The last bombing targeted Twam area near Hejazi clinic yard, many ambulances rushed to the place to evacuate the casualties but the whole building was brought into mere rubble. Firstly, I could hear the bombings, then I hear first the sky lightened like the thunder shaking my house like if it was an earthquake.
I cannot differentiate between the day and night while the Israeli war planes and drones spread all over the cloud of Gaza and naval gunships from the sea. Our message to the world to stop funding the Israeli Occupation by stop paying the taxes to their governments and initiate divestments proposals from companies profiting from the Israeli Occupation and its policies.

Israel targeted Sammouni family in the last war 2008/09 and the world’s reaction was nothing, today’s target is Al-Dalow’s family, but this time the world must do something to stop Israel from committing another massacre. Freedom and justice shall prevail in Palestine!


4 thoughts on “Aldalw Family‘s Massacre !

  1. Keep your ‘never give up’ spirit. We, muslims all around the world InsyaAllah will neverleave Palestinians alone. Whatever world done for Gaza muslims, the struggling, fighting, defencing must be keep going. Allah will help us. INSYA ALLAH..

  2. The zionist entity is committing war crimes in Gaza, what are the Arab leaders doing to stop these crimes and what are the Western ‘democracy loving’ governments doing to stop the carnage???? Justice, peace and victory to the brave Palestinian people!

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