Gaza in lines !

Good Evening Palestine , antiseptic land , Martyrs , and Injuries . Gaza morning was as usual full of blood and death . I slept only 2 hour during the 24 hours . I woke up on the fabulous sound of annoying warplanes and boooombs . Anew Martyrs , Anew Explosions and Anew attacks on Gaza .
Palestinan Mothers were ready to receive the body of their children with the tears of proud and full patience .
Everything seemed normaly we used to hear the eplosions in every minute . in the previous days, we had difficult evenings were awfu, and weired .

5:30 pm sunset time , the buzz of drones over hit my head while am trying to write and organise my thoughts . I can‘t concentrate anymore lost the words and what I want to write .

The current Israeli offensive into Gaza has taken a heavy toll on everybody , but its the innocent children on both sides suffering is most undeserved and most often exploited . Israel  is using internationally-banned weapons  against us .More than half of Gaza’s population are children, and children are 32% of this war’s casualties.

where is the law  you spoke about ? our children deprived from their childhood while the other children in other socities enjoying their childhood life , playing and going out with their parents . as you human Look ! how is our children now just thinking in taking revenge , violence . They grow up before their time .

Today Morning at 10:30 am  Airstrikes hit my Islamic University , south branch . I receievd a call from my friend which that apart of the university destroyed . Israel take this message from me as  palestinian girl ” you can burn up houses , mosques , universities but you can‘t kill our love for palestine ”
everything I do is for the sake of palestine , am proud of being palestinian and live in Gaza . when I informed the hospital run out of blood I didn‘t hesitate to go and donated even with all of my blood . I wish I can do more but I feel helpless . now staying at home can‘t move my place at least to see my grandmother . everyone is afraid to die in wrong way because of this all are in home .
No no why does night have to come noooo, now the airstrikes will be more loud and more intense!! I can hear them clearly and cause to me bad headache . I want to slepp but worthless .
During the wednesday till now We are on Day 4-Death toll 41,injured 380 and (80% of which are civilians and 100of which are children) . Last reported said there was Clashes, Injuries, Arrests In Different Parts of the West Bank and Rushdi Tamimi was Injured on ground when the Israeli soldier shot him with a live bullet in his side.
World ! Please stay and wake your humanity . you American , french , Italian . Muslims , Jews  or christians whatever you are or anywhere you from wake your conscious and see if what is happening human behaviour or not ? see if you were us will you accept this situation ? are you happy seeing our children killed and women injred .. happy seeing us living In a blood river ? what the worth of human existence if he / she like stone ? prove your humanity , make your move now , defend and rise your voice .stop funding and supporting the racism of Israel and stand beside us .we need your actions not just words.
I wrote this article yesterday and it supposed to publish at 6:00pm but unfortuently the electricity went out . I actually don‘t know the system of this electricity , I didn‘t see the light cause it comes soo late when we are sleeping and cut off sooo early when also we are sleeping . Image


2 thoughts on “Gaza in lines !

  1. sabr ukhty, inshllh this trauma will end! sty strong! we will do wtva we cn and by Allah’s grace, they will pay for evry tear and blood that they shed!

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