The International Children‘s Rights Day‘s In Gaza !

Every year, November 20th reminds us of the ‘International Children’s Rights Day’. As I was browsing the web I realised this day is celebrated in all countries except Palestine. In 1954, the UN recommended that “Every country should introduce a Children’s Day which will be devoted to fraternity and comprehension amongst children of the world and which will stand out by activities encouraging the well-being of children worldwide”.

Now, who is sponsoring our children in this case (war)? Who truthfully cares about them? All I see is talk but no reactions or actions. Our Arab leaders are just names as they are afraid of losing their authority and the chair on the other hand are working in conspiring against us.

This day reminds us also about ‘humanity’ that we must give children the best of what we can provide. When I read it I laughed out loud with mixed emotions, tears running down my face. I ask the world ‘WHERE IS THE HUMANITY?’ ‘WHERE ARE THE LAWS OF JUSTICE?’ ‘IS THERE ANY HUMANITY LEFT ON EARTH?’ It only takes one look at our children and you will realise the world has failed on us. Our children are deprived of basic human rights. Israel, you must be thanked for the gifts you send to our children right? 11 members of the same family were killed in the name of self –defence and you targeted the innocent little children. Your children shall be put in the same fate one day. I am writing as I am totally exhausted and helpless.

I did not imagine that one of my little brothers would ask me this question; Rana, the child Hamid (who was murdered lately at the age of 13 years old) had the right to play around his home right? so what are these rights they are calling? I was shocked, I had no reply.

We believe in equality and inherent value of all human life. We believe that a view of the world bound by borders is inhuman and outdated and that stopping injustice anywhere is the responsibility of every human being. No one can deny that the children in Gaza are living under awful circumstances. Why must these children suffer and live under fire? In reality, our children do not live their life as all their rights are stolen by Israel and still the western world believe we are exaggerated.

Our children witness a bloody battle in which many other children, women and elderly people are killed. Today, I couldn’t go anywhere. I planned to visit some orphaned children and bring them some gifts instead of them seeing the bloody scenes every day. They are always in my thoughts if not today, tomorrow I shall go and cheer them up. At least I can help to draw a smile on their beautiful faces. I swear by God they do not deserve what is happening to them.

What a criminal world we live in where no one cares if a part of the world is facing injustice, inequality, no freedom, continuous oppression and killings! Only truth and real justice will heal the hearts of the Palestinians.


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