Gaza in new Season !

After the war on Gaza and the long suffering with the Zionist drones, Gaza celebrates victory at this moment. I was celebrating with the guys outside and I raised the slogan ‘Free Free Palestine’ and ‘Long live Gaza’. 

Today I woke up feeling full of energy this morning. I slept well at least I didn’t hear drones or bombing . This morning was unique in a way, the smell of victory and our martyrs now asleep in grief but their souls still remind us that they are our heroes , those who brought this day to Gaza . 

Gaza was shining today, though Israel destroyed many sites within it. All the streets were full of children and everything was open. Life returned to normal for Palestinian people but at the same time we feel sorry about the loss of our martyrs including many of the little children. May their beautiful souls rest in peace! 

Before, I was at my mother‘s brother house celebrating the new bore. They all were happy, I enjoyed the moments a lot, I danced, talked and now I can say I am totally satisfied. I remember one of my aunts asked my Mom: Did you bore Rana dancing? I laughed from my heart and created a real happiness. 

Now, it is raining here in all parts of Gaza. It’s the best season for me. Rain makes you pure, it cleans everything. I am writing with one eye on the screen and the other staring at the black sky which it’s covered with bright stars. The voice of thunder is horrible but I enjoyed the rain a lot. Rain is the source of my inspiration, I opened my window and I felt the drops of rain fall to my face and hair. 

We believe we are hurt when we don’t receive love. But that is not what hurts us. Our pain comes when we do not give love. We were born to love. You might say that we are divinely created love machines. We function most powerfully when we are giving love. The world has led us to believe that our well-being is dependent on other people loving us. But this is kind of upside down thinking that has caused so many of our problems. The truth is our well being is dependent on us giving love. It is not about what comes in; it is about what goes out!


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