One of the tragic stories -Gaza

People in Gaza had witnessed difficult moments in the previous days; no one can sleep, go out or do some activities as everyone stayed at home. Today, I realised a new area that I have never heard of which is called “Meraj” it linked Rafah city with Khanyounis. I walked slowly watching strange things. The style of the life there is totally different. The homes are close to one another with no space between them, what I noticed also there was the fact that many animals have been living amongst them.

 Since the escalation in Gaza, Israel has destroyed many places, killing many people and one of those victims was the “Al Nasasra family”. This family lived in a normal or less normal home containing two bed rooms, one hall, one bathroom and one kitchen. It’s a big family including three sons (18, 19, I think the third 22) and eight girls the oldest is 21 years old and the rest are still in the age range of 6-15 years old. The father married three wives two of them have passed away for a long time. As a result of the enemy attack he lost 2 of his sons and the third is in the intensive care. Also his third wife is blind now, there are 18 stitches in her brain and her face burned.  Although his daughters some of them are wounded and the father himself is wounded (light injuries in his leg). He is currently engaged. 

Israel forces targeted the home at 10 in the night by an F 16 rocket which ruined the entire home and nothing remains more than a big hole in the middle of the land. I made a step toward the oldest girl in the family I asked her how that happened and how did you feel. In a sad way she said I still now do not believe it, I thought it was a nightmare. She talked continuously and then said all the members of her family were sleeping; the home was silent at night. She said “I just woke up to the sound of shouting and running in the street. Everyone divided in everywhere. I saw nothing remain the bed in the left and the blanket in the right. They found the body parts volatile. I gave her the space to talk about what she wanted to say and send her message to the world. She said in few words “Down with Israelis and God with us”. Now, they are dwelling in their grandfather’s house and five families live in the same home. Look at how miserable it is for them, the situation is so difficult. 

I felt my heart breaking, eyes dripping tears and all my body shaking. I wonder from the determination of the girl and her strength by saying ‘God just test our patience’ and then I went to the little child and kissed her forehead, the place of her wound.


4 thoughts on “One of the tragic stories -Gaza

  1. I can only beg GOD to please end this and pray for peace between this two neighbouring families, palestina and israel. says:

    Peace to palestina and israel

  2. I can only beg GOD to please end this and pray for peace between this two neighbouring families, palestina and israel. says:

    Peace to palestina and israel. My vrede gee ek aan julle, die vrede wat alle verstand te bowe gaan.

  3. When any historian will begin to write The Modern Islamic History,it Will be full of Struggle,Courage and faith of the peoples of Phistine.

  4. I really love the people of Palestine, they have courage and are real Muslims who never lost their hope in God. Insha Allah they will win every war here and hereafter. May Allah grant them with peace, the peace that will never lost, the happiness that can never be stolen, the courage that can never be broken. Allah-u-Akbar.

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