White page in my life !

Three days ago, all the family (when I say family I am referring to my relatives) looked down on me. You know why? They want me to be in hell, not to get any progression in my educational life. The envy, hatred in their eyes and the lies they’re inventing that they care about me. So sarcastic!

They believe I am a person without personality, careless, a bitch and described me in many ugly ways. I bear it and shut my mouth then I said yes! I am a dirty girl and I didn’t deserve anything good any more just to satisfy them. I swear by God I didn’t do anything bad but I have to be patient till the sunshine appears. Patience is necessary in these particular days where I am in. God only stays with me and even my parents, even my sisters leave me alone. They lost the trust in me without reason. I never care because God is here and one day they will know the truth. One of my uncle‘s called me a liar. I feel sorry to consider them my true relatives, they are just names. I don’t want them in my life ever. They say ‘because I sit on the internet for long hours I am a bad girl, I let them say whatever because no one will benefit me. Who will help me you uncle? Or you? You are the fault and that’s enough for you to complete this drama. I will go on my way and you; you’re not worth a shit. 
Complicated minds, strict and no one dare to hear the truth. You just want to destroy me but keep that in your dreams. You’re in illusion that I am not a good girl. Just a minute, why can’t you say yes?! She stayed up all the night to achieve her dreams? Is it a crime if you think positive?

Alright, I didn’t get high marks at the university; the main factor that didn’t help me was I couldn’t go along with the university as long as I wanted to study medicine. Many persons stopped in my way and refused me to travel abroad. Okay! I don’t need any one of you to help; I can work hard and achieve everything alone. Congratulations to your mind Uncle and congratulation to your heart that you forever hate me and you already do.

I am not a slave and I will not allow anyone to use me as a slave even you my relatives. What did you do? And what did you gain? Abusing me in front of my parents?  I know nothing and I have to say Bravo! You did well and you were successful in abusing me, but don’t forget that I am not a weak person. I just wait for the right moment to react and bring with me the proof to make you see since you are blinded by hatred. I am not your relative and you have to cut all relations with me, is that understand to both of you uncles? 

My dad, I promise you again that I will make you proud of me one day and believe me I did nothing wrong or bad. I am Rana the same person you know.

To sum up, everything will be fine its just a matter of time. All my relationships are dead from uncle to aunt. 

One advice to both of my uncles and you don’t deserve to be called ‘uncle’ any more  You are a talent actually in telling lies but don’t get the world by its tail. And to my other uncle don’t boss me! 
Excuse my liberty! You and you. I will take no harm from others behaviour especially my relatives. From this moment I will treat everyone as he/she treats me except my parents and whatever I did, I couldn’t be like those cruel people around me. 

At least my heart is pure full of love, peace and good things but you just act and live with double faces. By the way, you are a biggest loser not anybody else. Taste what is pain? Tell me how you feel when someone closest to you accuses you as a dirty person? Will you be normal or behave violently and get nervous? Keep out of my way, and I will keep out of yours.


5 thoughts on “White page in my life !

  1. Keep your chin up and keep up the good work! We, the “outside” world, need to hear what you have to say. You know this is important, and thank you!

  2. Never give in Rana . . . even here in the States we have to remember the same thing.
    Never give in to the hatreds and the lies of the older generations . . . YOU are the future Rana . . . and hopefully there are a few young people like you in Israel too.

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