Delegations coming to break the seige !

Today was totally exciting, interesting and more than fabulous. I did my exam quickly to follow the American & foreign delegation in the Palestinian Legislative Council. I called my friend many times to know whether I can enter or not because there is many security policies. I say I have to meet the delegation and do something and I did it. The delegation came to break the siege on Gaza. 

 We went to Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh’s home; he welcomed the delegation being in Gaza and in his home. Pat Sheeban talked about why he has come to Gaza; he is Irish and strongly supports the Palestinian issue. He said what he will see here in Gaza, he will never forget it. I felt a strange feeling among the big delegation and this is the first time I met Ismail Haniyeh in person. Lights from the camera were everywhere, it was really amazing. 

Our Prime Minister talked about the violations and the recent war on Gaza. Israel army targeted the civilians more than military people, they directly targeted the media offices and journalists and their cars. He continued his speech and said it was obvious to show the truth to the world, they tried to fabricate the news but you came to see with your eyes the cruel offensive on Gaza, they also targeted the mosques around 35, hospitals and cars so when we say that Israel commits crimes we do not exaggerate. There was a report about Israel’s crimes but the supporters of Zionists succeed in hiding it. A few weeks ago, the ceasefire was sponsored by Egypt. The problem is not with the ceasefire, but the real problem is that occupation colonizes our land. Our message to all of you is that we want a Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem, we want our people to return to their land, we want to end the occupation and as long as Israel exists that means we all are still suffering. We follow all the European efforts in all directions and that reflects the support for Palestinian. Ismail Haniyeh assures that we are not terrorists, Israel is however. Your message of solidarity is a good step and highly appreciated. The Palestinian issue does not only matter for the people of Palestine but it concerns all the people around the world. Palestine is the only country still under occupation while all other countries have liberation. 

The former of minister of education, Catherin said that she saw more beautiful children in the hospital. She affirms that those children should live a good life and get their education. 
Many members of the delegation asked the Prime Minister: what do you think about the state of Palestine? What is the role of women in the society? He replied: the state of Palestine in this form is only the fruit of resistance. We fight for a state. 138 countries voted for the state of Palestine and only 9 were against us. This means that most of the countries stand beside us and agree on the Palestinian state and now Israel is living in isolation and no longer respected from nations and we are very sorry to those who voted against us and we hope to wake their conscious and be with us. We will never give up on our rights or principles whatever the challenges and whatever the price. During the negotiations between factions (Hamas and Fatah) the occupation increased, Jerusalem Judaist and the siege forced on Gaza. Israel does not want peace and the process of peace. We are not against the peace that ends the occupation and back our rights. 

The Prime Minister highlighted the role of women and he said that a woman has an important role in all sides of life. She is there minister in the Palestinian government, she is there in the educational system and she is there in the judiciary and the executive and legislative. Woman has adjusted to half of the society but raise the other half of the community.

A journalist asked: Do you feel sorry for the Israeli victims who were killed in the last war? He replied: we believe in Islam and Islam sanctifies and respects the human beings but we also have to look to the Palestinian martyrs in the recent war. If you want to compare we lost 178 lives in nearly one week whereas Israel just lost 20. 

Israel first started the war. In 2008, 1500 martyrs and 500 injuries the only one who is to blame and take responsibility for this is Israel. Someone from Ireland expresses his anger and he said: I was very impressed with the size of the destruction that I saw here in Gaza then he asked what your hope in resolving the conflict is? He said: it’s not strange for the people of Ireland who struggle like us exactly and he answered what is sure from it like I see you now are that Palestine will have its own state. You can find the strength and hope in the eyes of children, in the patience of the families of the martyrs, in the willingness of the people and in the international support. The road is too long, but freedom deserves sacrifice. Another question was: what is the kind of aid that Gaza people need? He replied: We need a political support, humanitarian support and also financial support to rebuild the destruction that caused by Israel. I call all nations to come to Gaza and see the people how they are living under suffering and how children re deprived from basic rights. 

The last question was: Do you think the relationship between Hamas and Fatah will be good? He very shortly said: at first in the elections everyone demanded Hamas to participate and when it won everybody denied the results. The division is harmful to the Palestinian cause. When Abbas went to UN we supported him and this is a good step and maybe its a sign to end the division between the people themselves. 

To sum up, we need one state, one country and one nation. As Edward said “A real state needs real work. One state means all the people of this land share and live in one state regardless of religion, race, gender, sexuality, colour, ethnicity, political views etc. we have to be one hand in order to fight this occupation and get our independence”.


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