Klaket for Best Nation ..!

Youth is the hope of tomorrow because they will soon control business and establishments. In other words , they will be the heir of each nation that will soon take over . Today radio Klaket had witnessed a humble concert launching their Broadcasting sponsored by the culture and free thought . It was really incredible and amazing party started with a short film and ended with Klaket team song . The aim of this Radio is to improve the youth abilities in all areas of life . Many people and in special younger people who has the energy and inspiration want to prove their skills but there is a lack in opportunities here in Gaza from this point a group of Southern youth see its an important to do something and as a first step establishing the team of Radio Klaket . The team consists of nearly 26 members some of them are graduates and the other still studying in colleges . The team working together in one spirit , hand in hand and heart with heart in order to achieve their dreams. I have met some people of this team . Abdullah Al-sayed , 23 years old who is still studying Business administration in open al-quds university. He is ambitious Guy , having a lot of experiences in his youth life and he got an international license trainer in human development.

We are Youth able to change the world for a better future . we have all the responsibility and energy to be effective persons in our society and prove ourselves everywhere . Our Slogan is if you must dream of the world you want to live in , dream out loud . No success without work and no rain without little rainbow.
*Klaket team with Swiss delegation.

To sum up , Youth are the hope and the light of this world and I will end with something about me as am part of this team .My life has been full of challenges and obstacles. However, I realized that life is not about the smartest person or the strongest person, or even the richest person. Rather, life is about having the tenacity and the persistence to Never Give Up, even when you feel like giving up is the only option. I am here to tell you that you are too important to this world to not give up. The world is waiting on your gifts.
*while she is giving a certificate to the palestinian poet for her contribution in the success of the project.
* The audience is interacting with the activities that Team showed since the concert start . 
* The short film produced by Klaket Team .


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