“We are all Palestinians.”

In Gaza, when it rains it pours. Pity you my homeland, Pity the pure land; Pity myself as one of the victims living in Gaza. You are bleeding and I am helpless. I can‘t do anything except defend you with my words, as writing is a kind of resistance. The current situation is worse than the 1948 Nakba (catastrophe). It is unbearable!

Due to the closure of the Rafah border and the siege that has been imposed on Gaza in the recent years, many people have been harmed. Ill people have died waiting to cross the border and many students have been unable to travel to their universities. And others have been unable to travel because they are Palestinian. What is our crime?! In Gaza, thousands of Palestinians, including hundred of patients who need advanced medical treatment not available in the Strip, and people who work in other countries, have not been allowed to travel abroad. We have asked the Egyptians to re-open the border because it provides the only opportunity for a decent life for Palestinians. So far they have ignored our request.

According to PCHR’s (Palestinian Center for Human Rights) observations, the Gaza Strip suffers shortages in most basic goods, fuel and some construction materials.  According to PCHR’s statistics show that goods allowed by Israel into the Gaza Strip do not meet the Gaza Strip’s minimum needs.  In June 2013, the Israeli authorities allowed 5,424 truckloads (181 truckloads daily) into the Gaza Strip, which constitutes only 31.7% of the 570 daily truckloads that had been allowed into the Gaza Strip before the closure was imposed. I witness and live this tragedy. I am about to get married. My fiance’ told me that construction materials are four-times their cost before the closure. How miserable our life has become.

Every time I hear a child has died or that someone has been imprisoned, I am reminded of Israeli aggression, its attacks on my people and its inhumane behavior. These things have become routine. They are cruel and illegal.

Where is the guilt of children who are still pure and know nothing about life? Why must they be deprived of the holy moments their childhood would normally give them? Killing our children and my people seems not enough for Israel. Moreover, Egypt closed the only path for Palestinians. 

 Wake up, wake up your conscience. Put yourselves in our shoes and see how you feel. Would you accept such a situation? I strongly believe you would not and that your reaction would be to start a revolution. 

We are not terrorists. Do you think we are? We try to defend our land and claim our rights! We have rights such as dignity and identity. I have a question to ask of those who watch us and do nothing: Are you happy seeing us living in a river of blood? What is the worth of human existence if you do nothing and remain like stone? Prove your humanity, act now! Raise your voice! Tell the truth and stop racism. Don‘t lose yourself for the sake of money and popularity and causing corruption. Be a human and stop funding and supporting Israeli racism, Fascism, Communism, suppression, and oppression. We are all human, sharing the same qualities. American, French, Italian, Muslim, Jews, or Christian, whatever you are or wherever you are from, be human. We have to unite and cooperate in order to end the horrific massacres. All we call for is justice. 


I am Rana, trying to survive and open my arms to the life through the hardships that I face.