“Operation Protective Edge”

“Israel uses sophisticated attack jets and naval vessels to bomb densely-crowded refugee camps, schools, apartment blocks, mosques and slums to attack a population that has no air force, air defense, navy, heavy weapons, no artillery units, mechanized armor, no command in control, no army at all and calls it a war. It is not war, it is murder.” I would like to start my article with this quotation for the remarkable man ” Noam chomsky”. I am sick of everything that happened to my people. I collapsed witnessing two wars, martyrs, injuries, blood everywhere and being besieged over seven years. Everyday, every minute and moment just predicting who is the next victim. Where is the humanity again? where is the world who’s supporting us? where is the voice of truth? I am mad, helpless, angry towards the Israeli crimes and the silent world.

Four weeks ago three illegal settlers were kidnapped in the west bank. Israel accused the Palestinian resistance of doing that, but till this moment the Palestinian resistance denied that. Unfortunately, Israel this time failed to give any proof or evidence which shows that Palestinian resistance did that. Since then Israeli forces started their dirty game raided many houses, arrested many men and children even shot them. Its not enough to attack the west bank no but started bombing my people in Gaza. as a kind of revenge the resistance launched rockets on the settlements. 15 days later the three settlers found dead near Hebron look how they expose their lies by themselves.

Here we suffer, and here we resist! After the day they found the bodies of the three settlers, they kidnapped, tortured and burned a 16 year-old boy Mohammed abu khudeir. They burnt him alive in cold blood. Is this normal in the eyes of the Israelis or is this some kind of revenge? what he was guilty of? to be tortured and killed in this way?! They caught him when he went to pray Al-fajr salah. Above everything and their cruel crime they did not submit his body to his family. They told his parent in order to deliver his body, they should assign that he was killed by an accident. What the hell are they talking about? are they aware of their corrupt words?

In the following day, a 15 year- old cousin of Mohammed‘s khudeir was the next victim. The damn Israeli forces beating him heavily in a savage way. They kicked him and punched him without mercy. He was under arrest without any charge. I don‘t know how shall I complete writing as I sit here with tears in my eyes. Our children killed easily without any guilt, our men arrested because they have the right to defend and revolt against the violations towards us.

In the last two days, Israel started their operation entitled” protective edge”. They targeted the civilians homes, empty lands, mosques and cars! Above all the media that told you Israel bombs the resistance groups in Gaza they only lied to you! They targeted children, men and women.

The total of the Israeli air-strikes on Gaza reaches 550 raids in two days. Death toll is up to 61 Palestinians including children and women, Injuries are up to 500 Palestinians. The Israeli occupation raided and destroyed 3 mosques and at least 65 homes most of them are civilian homes. Still the number of martyrs and injuries increased!

What about the families who lost their members? Till when we will loose souls? The international community still silent though its time to pressure Israel and stop these crimes.

Terrorism is all about imperialism, capitalism, communism, Zionism and the most important one is” Domination”. You are a part of our suffering, of what is really happening to us. where is the media to tell your story about Mohammed, and other victims? When the Israeli settlers disappeared, Israel activated the media and using it well to show the world the fake reality and claim they were kidnapped. what about our reality? Wake up wake up wake up! Where are you Obama to see what happened? Israel asked for peace what peace ? Don‘t dream even in peace as long as Israel still doing these massacres in my land.! No peace without taking our revenge and free all the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails. No peace without accepting our conditions. Justice should be done to the Palestinian people.

The third Intifada started because of the death of Mohammed abu khudeir and his incident a turning point in the history of Palestinians. Shame on Israel, Shame on the Arab regimes, Shame on everyone who is conspired against us and help Israel ! We resist in order to exist.

My country has faced hardships, conflicts, wars, and aggression! Expose the lies of Israel, do what you see is right. My heart is bleeding! My eyes dripping! I am a human, we are human, whether Arab or not black or white we all bleed the same blood! Stop funding Israel, stop supporting them! Israeli forces still arrest Palestinian children on a daily basis, and bomb Gaza on a daily basis too. Share my message and pray for us make demonstrations for us in your country. Make the world aware of what’s happening here. We deserve our rights of exposing the truth to the media at large.


2 thoughts on ““Operation Protective Edge”

  1. i am going to have a research on Palestinian- Israeli conflict… can i find someone from Ghaza who may give an interview or fill the questionnaire ……. please

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